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Pudge Extermination Quest!
BryceDate: Saturday, 2012-08-04, 6:35 PM | Message # 1
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Brice Ragnarok Online's
Pudge Extermination Quest

Background History:
An undead behemoth seemingly impervious to even the most potent magic, this starving abomination roams inside bakonawa's lair and take it over, continually in search of unwary prey.
It is said his victims catch only a glimpse of his monstrous frame as they are dragged them through the shadows, bleeding profusely as a jagged hook etches deeper in their flesh.
Wails of agony echo in the distance, only to be drowned out by the Butcher's maniacal laughter as he severs their limp bodies with his great maw.
Unspeakable horrors ensue in a deathly silence, a dreadful omen for what is to come.

THis Quest has 6 Parts , I will Guide you up Until you can Revive Pudge.

A.B.R.I.A (Brice Ragnarok International Airport)
B.Anne Curtis
C.Six Paths of Pain Dungeon

Maximum of Five (5)
Yggdrasil Leaf and Berries happy
Fully Pathched kRO ( if your not fully patched, don't do this quest, you will waste your time )
(Tip: Bring an Effective Party/Fast Kill Party/Hard as Rock Party)

*********************Start ofPudgeExterminationQuest*************************

A.-- B.R.I.A. ( A.K.A. , Brice Ragnarok International Airport )

This is the first Trip for Pudge Quest, She will Ask you to pay
500,000,000 Zeny , Each Party Member Should Pay the Airline Fee

While Inside the AirShip, You can Go Around in the Ship, But Do NOT Sit in where the warp portal will show up...
because if you do, You will be warped to that town, and you will have to pay the Fee Again, Just Wait for the Pilot to announce that,
you are in "Hyrule" and all party members inside the Airship will be warped automatically in Hyrule..

B.--Lets Meet Anne Curtis at Hyrule!

Yeah you see that right, You will meet "Anne Curtis" in Hyrule
She's on a Pub Named " Six Paths of Pain ", Talk to her and she will tell the Requirements

All Party Members Should have the Requirements
Note* This is a One time Pay Only, If your Character is Already Paid, she will let you Warp without the requirements anymore!

--- 500 Mystic Rough Runstone
--- 12 Ancient Dagger
--- 1000 Comodo Leather
--- 5 Silver Ornaments
--- 5000 Special Exchange Ticket

Once You Acquire all this Requirements, talk to her and You can now have an Unlimited Access for Anne Curtis in that Character when doing the Quest again.
Note: When Entering, I Recommend that your whole Party must be all paid 1st before Entering, why? because is one of the members is not paid, he/she will never be warped inside the Dungeon.
and your Party is Ruined.

C.--Six Paths of Pain Dungeon!

(This Monsters are made by GM Rev)

After talking to Anne Curtis, she will warp you inside this Dungeon..
Click the NPC in the Middle:
You Must Survive the "7 Rounds" in order for the party to Qualify into the next Quest to Pudge
All Monsters in this Dungeon has no Drops
( In this Part, this will determine if you really have a good Party )

1st Round:

2 Nidhoggur Dragons Will Spawn

2nd Round:

5 Jigokudo Rev will Spawn ( High Wizards )

3rd Round:

5 Gakido Rev will Spawn ( Snipers )

4th Round:

5 Chikushodo Rev will Spawn ( High Priestess )

5th Round:

5 Ningendo Rev wil Spawn ( Whitesmiths)

6th Round:

5 Shurado Rev will Spawn ( Assassin Cross)

7th and the Last Round : BOSS ROUND

1 Boss "Tendo Rev" will Spawn (with Slaves)

After you have Successfully Survive all Rounds, You will be Automatically Warp to the Next Stage of the Quest

-[Admin]- Brice•
Owner•Administrator•Chief Executive Officer of BriceRO
BryceDate: Saturday, 2012-08-04, 6:35 PM | Message # 2
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D.-- Arena

Your PArty must still be in Count of 5 , if not you can't go further,
Enter the Pub Named " Onward to Pudge Extermiantion " and if ALl of the PArty Members are there(which is 5)
You will be Automatically Warped inside the Arena to Clear Pudge Minions

This Stage is Quite easy,
You must Clear all the Monsters named " Pudge Minions " in Each Room ^^.

After Clearing all Pudge Minions inside the Arena, All of your Party Members will be Automatically Warped Inside the Hospital
Note: If your kRO, is not patch you will have an Error

E.-- Hospital

When All of your Party Members are here, You must Find the Boss Monster Named
" Bangungot "

Kill it, Then Loot it's Drop, All of its Drop are Important, Because they are Quest Requirements for the New Quest
But when doing this Quest, The Most Important Item is the "Butcher's Key", Bangungot will drop 5pcs(Exact for the Party Members)
The Looter "MUST SHARE" the 5pcs to its party members for them to be able to warp to Pudge Lair.

F. --Pudge

After Using , the Butcher's Key, GO to the Middle of the Lake and Find the NPC named,
"Dead Bryce"

that NPC will Trigger to Summon Pudge, but you must Revive Pudge first, one of the party members must have
all the requirements to be able to Revive Pudge

---50 Poison Bottle
---250 Bravery Badge
---250 Valor Badge
---3000 Special Exhange Ticket
---1 Leak Card

If you Have all this, you can now Revive Pudge.
You can Determine if Pudge is Reviving when Pudge Shouts,
"Pudge: Who Dares awaken me?!"
after that, All players in that Map will be warped into another place where Pudge is..
Look for Pudge and Kill it...

After Killing Pudge, All players in that map will be warp back to Prontera, and Must wait 24hours before Reviving Pudge Again.

****************************End of Pudge Extermination Quest************************************

-[Admin]- Brice•
Owner•Administrator•Chief Executive Officer of BriceRO
GlennDate: Monday, 2012-08-06, 12:57 PM | Message # 3
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sir brice anung prize once napatay na namin si pudge??.
ano po ung mga item na maququha saqanyan?? ehe.. tnx
BryceDate: Monday, 2012-08-06, 4:12 PM | Message # 4
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use @mi

-[Admin]- Brice•
Owner•Administrator•Chief Executive Officer of BriceRO
FourEyesDate: Tuesday, 2012-08-14, 7:07 PM | Message # 5
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Parang matatagalan hehe dahil dun sa di active na " Battle Grounds ".
BryceDate: Wednesday, 2012-08-15, 11:14 AM | Message # 6
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Yeah, the main reason that i put badges so that BG can be active ionce again..:P

-[Admin]- Brice•
Owner•Administrator•Chief Executive Officer of BriceRO
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